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Pictures of Katrina Damage

Operation Mail Drop is over. It was a big success. We thank those who helped for their interest and support.

The following pictures were taken in Biloxi Mississippi by Tony Kimsey, Chairman of Rocky Unbound. Tony has put out a call for help - he needs electronic equipment desperately for his business that was destroyed in the saltwater storm surge flooding. He still has business obligations in the wake of Katrina - but all his electronics are gone. If you have any used electronic equipment, like DVD's players, VCR's, stereo components or equipment that you can donate, please e-mail Tony at:

Treasure Bay Casino

<<<Left -To the right of this photo is what is left of The Treasure Bay Casino in Biloxi MS after hurricane Katrina. Treasure Bay was to be the host place for CoastCon next year.

Right>>> The remains of the Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel - the reception entry at the front.

Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel

Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel

<<<Left - The upper levels of the Broadwater Beach Resort Hotel - with all the window blown out.

Right>>>What's left of the Waffle House along the same stretch of highway.

Waffle House

Silver Screen Theater

<<<Left - What is left of the Silver Screen Theater after Katrina. Note the blown out store front.

Right>>>The inside of the Silver Screen following Katrina.  Note saltwater puddles on the floor in front of the bank of destroyed electronic equipment.  The Silver Screen was almost totally gutted by the hurricane.

Silver Screen Theater

This is the front of Lynne's house in Covington, LA that was hit by two trees during hurricane Katrina.

Lynne stands in the middle of the highway 1084 in Covington, LA that runs by her house where miles of downed trees block the way.

Sent in By Robert Rosenberg.

Rabbi Stuart Schiff rescues the Torahs - hand written Scrolls containing the Jewish Bible - from the Congregation Beth Israel in New Orleans.

Two shots of Rabbi Schiff transporting the Torahs over flooded streets - the Rabbi and his wife lost their homes in the flooding as well.


Pictures sent in by Jeffery Murdock.

A shed by the house he grew up in that was crushed by a tree.

Wind damage during Katrina that blew the house contents into piles of busted up rubble.

If you have pictures of damage from Katrina and would like to share them, please send them ONE AT A TIME - never in a MIME file - to the e-mail address below. Thank you.

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