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Have you ever had a GREAT day when everything seemed to just go your way? Have you ever had a day when you thought you should have stayed in bed? Sure you have! We all have. But what if you had information that would tell you in ADVANCE what days were going to great and what days were going to trials? What days to begin new projects, what are the best days to do business? Not for just a month or year but for every day for the rest of your life.

The BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY does just that. But they are so personal that each one is keyed to a specific birth date and time. No two are alike and the time frames for life events are different for each person as unique as your name, time, place and date of birth. If you have been looking for the edge in your personal or business life this could be the edge you are seeking.

BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY was developed by Tashi Grady Powers the astrologer to the stars. Tashi Grady Powers is leading astrologer that has studied with Marion March, Jeff Green and Rob Hand and many others. She has also been doing readings for about 20 years for celebrities such as, Steven Seagal, Madonna, Val Kilmner, Elizabeth Taylor, Barry Gibb of the Bee Gees and Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones. BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY is a new and personal way to keep track of the influences, trends and fluctuations in your lifelike having personal a daily barometer to gage the rises and falls in your personal life, that will tell you what is good for you on that day.

BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY consists of two parts, first is the actual PERSONAL graph blueprint that outlines your personal life trends. This personal graphic is prepared JUST for a specific person based on their date, time and place of birth. No two are alike, ever . Each one must be individually prepared based on this data. Your specialized blueprint will show you where all the planets are in your life cycle, it will show you the days, one square a day. Best off all it will show you the trends, fluxes, and pulls on you on any given day....for the REST OF YOUR LIFE!

In part two, you will get a user friendly book that tells you how to read, track and use your personal chart. It will tell you how planetary placement effects the most intimate details of your life. The crossing of these aspects not only tell you how to deal with the ever changing motions of planets and moons, but it also lists specific examples of how and why specific events happened to celebrity personalities. These celebrities include, John Lennon, Luciano Pavarotti, Bill Clinton, and more. But you don't have to be a celebrity to gain the benefits and edge you need in YOUR life. You can get it right here.

Celebrities have paid thousands of dollars to have their own BLUEPRINT OF DESTINY prepared that will guide them for a lifetime. The BLUEPRINT OF DESTINY is well worth the price, as it entails not just a few days, months or years but your ENTIRE lifetime. Just the BLUEPRINT and Book normally sells for $49.99. But during this new introductory offer we are willing to offer you something extra special.

1. THE BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY individually prepared graph for a specific date, time and place.
2. THE BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY book that tells you how to read your blueprint year after year.

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3. A rare autographed picture of Tashi Grady Powers, astrologer to the stars.
4. Get a one months custom blueprint (optional) for just $5.00 more!

Yes! You can get it all! Not for a $1,000.00, not for $49.99 but in the special internet introductory offer you can have it all for just $25.00! That right just $25.00 and this entire set will be e-mail to your desk top in no time! Include the optional one months BLUEPRINT and that the whole works for just $30.00!

THE BLUEPRINTS OF DESTINY is the perfect gift, for Christmas, Birthdays, Weddings, Business openings, and for new born. It is the gift that is so personal, no one will ever get two! Now is you chance to order that special personal gift...but hurry we are booking up fast! Order Now!

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