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Southern Nights

Magnolia scented breezes, country Mansions, Mint tea and...Murder! Stories and novellas transports the reader to the steamy French Quarter in New Orleans, seaports on the Gulf, the city circus big top, and on to Kentucky - Tennessee horse country.
"Good suspenseful reading...A fireside and warm tea kind of book you can get into." -BookStar Reviews
"A unique collection from talented writers. Something to please everyone from the paranormal to the cozy reader." -
Writers: Marti Phillips, Barbara Deming, Debbora Wiles, Jacqueline Gibson, Jacqlyn Mage, Donna Diamond
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Trade paperback 223 pages

Angel From The Mist

When a royal Scottish lass is learning magic from her wizard uncle, she stumbles onto the lost crystal of Carbonek which many would gladly kill to possess. Janna, must learn to trust the brawny British knight (THE enemy) who aids her while keeping loyal to Robert the Bruce. She goes in search of the crystal's rightful owner (Lancelot). Journeying through time and space, magic and mystery...with the enemy at her side and the winds of evil wild magic at her back she must find a way to return it...or die.
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The Road To Camelot

A stunning trilogy of History, Fantasy & Time Travel woven throughout with magic and adventure. An Aurthurian adventure - a diamond of the first water. A Fascinating adventure from the Scottish Highlands to old Britain. Fly away with a powerful amulet, a risky and sizzling romance between enemies.

"Riveting.4 & 1/2 stars! A stellar Time Travel romance debut by Phillips."
-Affaire de Coeur
"Readers will find themselves immersed in the Authurian era."
-Romantic Times

The Last Pirate

Take an exciting romp on the high seas around the 1812 war in New Orleans. Slide into counter spy, intrigue as the rebellious Carly seeks her missing father and finds a rogue pirate that steals her heart in the heat of battle. Will the heroine loose her man in the battle of Chalmette? Will she find her father? Just glue your eyes to this book and find out.

"An adventurous romp on the high seas and an exciting slice of the history of Old New Orleans, one that's hard to put down!"
- Bookstar Reviews

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The Edge

Wrap your eyes around this adventure, suspense and mystery novel and put on your seat belt. Get ready to NASCAR circuit, with big corporations, wild fans and murder. Watch as champions and rookies battle on the asphalt as a Darcy investigates a friend who was supposedly killed in a aircraft accident. Little did she know she was heading into the teeth of corporate take-over sharks.

"Heros of the speedway who never give up, and power-playing enterprising monguls--an entertaining look at the inside of the ultimate thrill sport, written by a real storyteller."
-James Haning, Music City Press

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